The Right Thing

Why is it that we, as humans, put off doing what's best for our health? I see people walking up and down my rural dirt road trying to do the right thing. Gym memberships will increase after January first in an effort to do the right thing. These efforts are usually short lived, largely, because our enthusiasm leaves us. Illness brings about a different sort of awareness. It asks the question, Why? Or Why me? In the beginning, efforts are made to counteract the diagnosis. Eating better, diet, and exercise, but then....back to our old ways. But why? Are we that stupid?

Healthy choices need to become everyday choices. Millions of dollars are spent on treatments and medications due to sickness. Why not spend money on good food? Yes, it's more expensive initially to buy fresh vegetables and fruits, but what are the costs of a medical intervention?

Purchase fresh foods that are in season or those that are on sale. By learning to Be a savey shopper by using coupons and viewing grocery ads, you can save money, eat better, and feel good. The prep work to healthier living is worth the alternative. I'm not saying you will never get sick, but I am saying you can decrease your chances.

It will take time, don't give up!

So as the New Year begins, and we make new goals, what will yours be? Will you promise to exercise more? Eat better? Loose those extra pounds? Whatever your goals, own it and see it through. Make a list of how you plan to accomplish your goals. Set a time frame that's achievable. What gets measured, gets done!

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