Accountability Buddy

So you decided to make a new start, huh?  Hopefully you made some realistic goals. Making a goal of losing that extra 10 pounds by next month probably isn't realistic. Giving yourself three months probably is.  Remember, you want to be successful; don't set yourself up for failure. Have you found a buddy yet?  Someone to be accountable to will make you more successful in reaching your goals.   I have three daughters who are in their 20s. They exercise and have goals, but I can tell you, they work out more regularly when one pushes the other.  They also push me more and I'm not as likely to give a lame excuse as to why I can't exercise.

If you just can't find someone to help you be accountable, look into downloading an app onto your phone or other device. I personally like MyFitnessPal (see icon below). Purchasing a device like a FitBit can be helpful too.  This devise helps you keep track of physical exercise by monitoring movements. It can also monitor your sleep habits.  Read reviews and ask your friends and family what apps they like. It's best to have both a living person and an app of some type to help you stay motivated and reach your goals.  Use the technology available.  Select one that best fits your needs and go for it!

Health-bite:  Find A Buddy